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Recently Installed Custom Designs

and More to Come...

Restaurants, Government Offices, Medical/Dental Offices, Banks, Post Offices, Retail, Hair Salons, University Veterinary Dept…. we are installing daily.


Colleges & Schools

University pic 2.jpg
University pic 1.jpg

City Government Offices

Gallery pic 1.jpg
Gallery pic 2.jpg
Gallery pic 3.jpg


Star Safety Shield's curved countertop shield with communication portal.


Constructed of durable polycarbonate shield and steel tubing frame for main lobby at bank. 

Bank custom curved partition.jpg

Post Offices

USPS Bear Lake 1.jpg
USPS Bear Lake 2.jpg

Medical & Dental Offices

Custom partions/virus shield for medical & dental offices
Custom partition/virus shield for medical & dental office

Retail, Salons, and Professional Offices

Gallery pic 4.jpg
Hair salon partion/virus shield
Professional office with partion shield
Restaurant partions


Star Safety Shield “partitions” incorporate a clean and simplistic design, providing exceptional safe separation while increasing occupancy.  We also custom design “bar shields” for separation of customers at the bar!

Constructed of durable polycarbonate shield and steel tubing frame. Our unique communication portal is optional. Custom sizes to fit your layout and other framing colors available too!

Starshield logo.png
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