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The Story of Star Safety Shield


Star Safety Shield is a subsidiary of Star Ingenuity LLC, which specializes in specialty machines, engineering and manufacturing. We have a significant business segment in the airport industry, specifically in passenger screening checkpoints where Star Ingenuity partners with a company out of Boston to supply Checkpoint Scanners and conveyance systems. These systems require a great deal of security shield guarding and barriers. Most of these items are custom made to fulfill specific requirements and locations.  

Because of the latest demand for mitigation efforts in lieu of the ongoing pandemic it became clear that the need for mitigation shields and barriers would be in great demand. We capitalized on our broad experience of making security and barrier shields and turned our attention to manufacturing high quality “Mitigation Safety Shields”. We have designed a standard product line of shields and have put together a team of engineers and manufacturing capabilities in the Star Safety Shield subsidiary to focus on the production of not only the standard product line, but to handle the high volume of custom orders. This will fulfill customer needs for specifically design shields and barriers to be custom fitted to existing millwork and layouts, such as banks, restaurants, airports, retail, transportation, etc..

Star Safety Shield is here to help you with quality manufactured products and economical solutions for your mitigation needs.



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